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    Sunsea Telecommunication Co.,Ltd

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    Sunsea IoT Technology CO,.LTD. (Shenzhen)

    Sunsea Could Network CO,.LTD.(Shenzhen)

    Sunsea Ayla IoT Network CO,.LTD.

    Longsung Technology CO,.LTD. (Shanghai)
    Sunsea Communication Service CO,.LTD.

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    Internet of Things
    Sunsea AIoT is a vendor initiate the concept of "Cloud + Module" and integrate the corresponding IoT ecosystem. We provide comprehensive and all-in-one solutions in the areas of smart industry, smart agriculture, smart logistics, smart transportation, smart grid, smart environment, smart security, smart healthcare, smart home, etc.
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    Cloud Network
    Sunsea AIoT provides customers with integrated and better user perception network services and applications by cloud network and cloud computing technology.Sunsea major cloud products include: media cloud(IPTV/OTT Platform+CDN), data center (Intelligent,Convergent,Green), next-generation network (SDN/NFV), etc.
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    Provide wireless broadband access to the industry, cable broadband network infrastructure and communications equipment products solutions, survey, design, construction and service delivery of communications networks, and help promote the "Broadband China" strategy and the "Internet +" in-depth development to promote the digital economy Accelerate growth.
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    Press Center
    The Malaysian Cooperation Partners visited The Sunsea AIoT Technology South China Center
    On January 20, 2024, Malaysian partners Golden Lions Mineral Resources S...
    July 15th, 2016, SUNSEA Telecommunications Co., Ltd. outdoor base station wins the bid of Anhui Tower project
    SUNSEA Telecommunications Co., Ltd. Anhui Office sent good news, our company, as the first bidder ,successfully won the bid of China Tower Anhui Branch outdoor computer room, outdoor cabinets these two projects, which make new footnote for the SUNSEA outdoor base station products.
    July 6th 2016 SUNSEA assists China Tower
    The construction and development of wireless base stations need to be integrated into the rapid development of smart cities and informatization. Development and utilization of wireless site value-added services, China Tower’s huge assets really have a huge development space.
    SUNSEA Telecommunications Co., Ltd. held the energy management system construction project start-up meeting.
    On the afternoon of April 29, the start-up meeting of Sun Energy's energy management system construction project was held in the R & D Building on the 5th conference room.Mr. Wang, vice president of the company, manager and supervisor of each department of the company and CQC energy management expert team attended the meeting.The meeting affirmed the purpose and significance of the company's energy management system and announced the formation of a working group for the company's energy management system and a clear definition of the duties and responsibilities of personnel in various departments. This marks the official launch of the company's energy management system.
    Telefonica completed the sale of its 4.56% stake in China Unicom for a further $ 1.4 billion
    According to foreign media reports, Telefonica announced on Monday that it ha...
    Telefonica completed the sale of its 4.56% stake in China Unicom for a further $ 1.4 billion
    According to foreign media reports, Telefonica announced on Monday that it had completed the sale of 4.56% of China Unicom Shares at a price of 1.14 billion euros (1.4 billion U.S. dollars). In a preliminary statement last month, Telefónica said Telefónica still holds 5.01% of China Unicom in the global telecoms market after the completion of its 4.56% sale to China Unicom's parent company.
    China Mobile plans to deploy 350,000 TD-LTE base stations by 2014
    July 30 message, recently attended the "2012 TD smart terminal and mobile Internet Summit", the Ministry of Science and Technology Division Ye Lin, director of high-tech department revealed that China Mobile plans to complete 20,000 TD-LTE base station As well as 57,000 new base stations for TD-SCDMA by the end of 2012. In 2014, TD-LTE reached 350,000 base stations and TD-SCDMA exceeded 400,000 base stations.
    Opinions on Encouraging and Guiding Private Capital to Further Enter the Telecommunications Industry
    In order to implement the spirit of "Several Opinions of the State Council on Encouraging and Guiding the Healthy Development of Non-Governmental Investors" (Guo Fa [2010] No. 13), "Encourage private capital to participate in telecom construction; Encourage non-governmental capital to enter the basic telecom operation market by equity participation; Capital to carry out value-added telecommunications services to strengthen the regulation of monopoly and unfair competition in the field of telecommunications, promote fair competition and promote resource sharing "requirements, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology June 27 released" on encouraging and guiding private capital to further enter Opinions of the Telecommunication Industry "(hereinafter referred to as" Implementation Opinions ").
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